Huerfano Nursery & Garden
704 Walsen Avenue
Walsenburg, CO 81089
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About Huerfano Nursery & Garden

Locally Family Owned and Operated Nursery & Garden Business

In the midst of the arid landscape of Huerfano County in Southern Colorado, a thin strip of emerald green traces its way around the base of the Greenhorn Mountain, past the Huerfano Butte, and disappears into the eastern plains. Where thirsty Cottonwoods, Russian Olives, and a few old apple orchards find an oasis, the Huerfano River bottom stands in stark contrast to a terrain of red clay, cacti, and yucca.

It is along this veritable Eden that one finds the heart of our operation. Engineered for up to 120mph winds, and often under the burden of heavy snows, our greenhouses are in full steam around the time the rest of the world is taking down their Christmas lights. We start with seeds, plugs, or bare-roots, and from there nurture our inventory until it is ready to be sold at our in-town location in the spring. From start to finish, you can be sure that everything we grow is grown with care.

Our business is completely owned and operated by family. Gardening has been a part of our legacy for generations, and we have years of combined experience growing in Southern Colorado. We are always here to help you grow, diagnose, or treat your plants, and we strive to give you the best experience possible at our store.