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Planting Process by Huerfano Nursery & Garden

Growing High Altitude and Deer Resistant Plants & Flowers:

Why do we choose to grow our own product?
So that we know exactly how to help our customers with the plants they buy. By seeing the product through from start to finish, we have a strong grasp of growth habits, common pests and maladies, and overall performance. Plus, we enjoy it!
Does everything we grow do well here?
Absolutely. We are meticulous when choosing plants that will grow in Southern Colorado's altitude and dry climate while also taking into consideration deer and pest resistance. With us, you're doing more than buying plants that will grow---you will get plants that will thrive.
How do we decide what to grow?
By paying attention to our customers. We take note of what is popular and what is not, that way we always bring back all the favorites along with new varieties each season.
Do we start all our own seeds?
Yes and no! The horticulture world is similar to the copywriting world: new and exciting varieties are patent protected, and growers must pay royalties to get them. So, we start what we can from seed, and the rest comes in plug form via a licensed propagator.
Either way, the results are beautiful!
How many plants do you grow?
Each year we grow around 60,000 individual plants.
What else is involved in the growing process?
So many factors! There are requirements for light, water, soil PH, pruning, fertilizer, heat, color coordination, and so much more! Every year we learn new tricks to growing the healthiest and most vigorous plants money can buy.

For everyone who has ever wondered how we fill thousands of pots every year...
(Ok, we know no one is wondering, but here's a video anyways!)