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Local Artists from Huerfano County

Offering Unique Items for Home and Garden

Huerfano Nursery & Garden sponsor local artists who all provide one of a kind products at great prices.
Each artist brings something different to our store. Have a look at what they bring to our shop.

Debbie Clemence

Debbie has been crafting with glass beads for over a decade, and her unique designs are a testament to her experience. Her pieces are delicate, tasteful, and graceful, and will add instant charm and color to your home. Her pieces also make great gifts when you're in a pinch or just want to give something unique.

Donna Pennington

Donna Pennington delights in sewing projects, and her seasonal pieces are a must have for your home. Stop by her booth to find the perfect centerpiece to your family table that can be used and reused for years to come.

Linda Modlish

Linda Modlish loves crafting with clay, yarn, mirrors, flowers, and more! You’ll be sure to find something for nearly everyone in her diverse array of hand-crafted items.

Kathy Mondragon & Phil Maltsberger

Kathy Mondragon and Phil Maltsberger have been making their one-of-a-kind wind-spinners for years, and many a front porch in Huerfano County is graced by their work. Each spinner is unique: made from items found at estate sales and second-hand stores.

Bonnie Gallagher

Bonnie Gallagher loves spending time crafting the perfect card for every occasion, from birthdays and celebrations, to sympathy or just because, you’ll never fail to find just the right way to tell someone in your life you are thinking of them.

Vera Harris

Vera loves anything to do with art, and her pieces often display her youthful energy with bold colors and energizing designs. From birdhouses to decorations to painting, her work is determined to spread joy in your daily routines.

Cindy Wilson

Cindy Wilson believes that what you wear is part of your personality, so she loves to create pieces of jewelry that will fit any style or taste. Whether it’s for yourself or someone special in your life, you can rest assured that you are getting a piece that is handmade with love.

Don and Vicki Moore

Don and Vicki Moore love creating large items such as trellises and plant stands that will make a statement in your home or garden. Their items are well made and very affordable.

Breanne Wardell

Breanne is one of the owners here at the Nursery, and she found her passion through pressed flowers. Her windows are all crafted with real flowers, glitter, and gold leaf, and she can usually be found listening to true crime podcasts while she crafts!

Makenzie Wardell

Makenzie is another owner, and she loves searching the arroyos of Southern Colorado for the perfect rocks, which she then paints and animates for truly adorable and hilarious designs that make great gifts for that one person that’s always hard to shop for.

Sadie Wardell

Sadie is also part of the family business, and she is always on the hunt for something new to try. Her candles are wonderfully scented, and she can usually be found crafting with wood or clay. Never one to make the same thing twice, you’ll always find something new and unique at her booth.